Dendrobium bellatulum
Rolfe, 1903



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This is a nice small - growing species from India, China (Yunnan), Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand where it grows at altitudes of  1000-2100m.

In its natural habitat D. bellatulum is found in deciduous forests where there is bright light and a seasonal climate.

It flowers throughout the year with very long-lasting fragrant flowers. An interesting detail is that the colour of the labellum tends to increase in intensity as the flower ages.

 This species is best grown mounted in cool - intermediate conditions and given a fairly dry and bright (even full sun) rest with temps. down to 12C. During summer I grow it outdoors in a spot with full afternoon sun.

My plant usually flowers in October.

Pseudobulbs: 6-8cm long, leaves: 3-5cm long, flowers: 4-4,5cm across.