Trisetella hoeijerii
Luer & Hirtz, 1980



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This is an absolutely stunning miniature species from Ecuador where it can be found at an altitude of around 1800m!

This is a plant Iíve had for about three years. I grow it on the cool side of intermediate. It requires high humidity (at least 70%), moderate light and good air circulation. If mounted (like mine) daily watering is a must. I only use rain water. Trisetellas are light feeders and do well with ľ - Ĺ of the recommended dose of fertilizer.

If you can grow Masdevallias and Draculas this is the plant for you! It can bloom four to five times a year and it has great flower size ("wingspan" 6cm) compared to plant size. The succulent leaves are only around 3cm long and the overall plant size is only 7cm.